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The 22nd edition of the Show - INDIASOFT 2022 - will be held during 23-24 March, 2022 at New Delhi, India. Over the past decade, the Information Technology (IT) industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in India because of which it has caught world attention. India is the topmost offshoring destination for IT companies across the world. A recent Study by McKinsey has revealed that the size of Indian IT Industry is expected to reach $ 300 - $350 billion revenue mark over next five years. This will open multiple opportunities for both Indian as well as global software players to expand their presence in a growing market.

Indian software industry has come out with a slew of innovative solutions to meet divergent needs of consumers across sectors and across geographies. With easily customizable solutions, Indian companies are able to quickly deliver required solutions. Significantly, all these solutions are available at economical process suiting needs of consumers from different classes.

INDIASOFT 2022 will bring to the fore many such enterprising ventures under one roof providing unique opportunity for global companies looking for innovative solutions.

INDIAOSFT 2022 will also have two major concurrent events showcasing convergence of Electronics Hardware, Information Technology and Telecommunications at one place.  India IoT World 2022 expo will bring together a large number of Indian enterprises offering economical solutions based on use of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things – two segments of technology that are changing lives across the globe.  Similarly, 29th edition of Convergence India will also take place during the same period covering Telecommunication products and services.

Participants may like to register on the link  External website that opens in a new windowon or before 15th January, 2022 so that the same can be screened and approved by the INDIASOFT Organizing Committee.

Selected delegates will receive reimbursement of up to US$ 1000 towards travel and stay expenses (actuals or US$ 1000 whichever is lower) under the Program.

The selected delegates (one delegate per company) will be informed about their selection under intimation to your office so that they can proceed purchase their Return air tickets (economy class) to travel to New Delhi and back and share a copy with the INDIASOFT Team.  On receipt of copy of the ticket, the India soft team would immediately issue an e-Coupon in favor of the delegate which can be encased at the Event Reimbursement Booth on close of the second day.

 Every select delegate will be entitled to:-

  • Reimbursement of expenses towards air fare and hotel (US$ 1000 or actuals – whichever is lower)
  • Business Meetings /  Networking assistance at the exhibition
  • Complimentary Entry to the Exhibition (Two Days)
  • Complimentary Entry to the Conferences ( Two days)
  • Complimentary Networking evening - (First day)


A delegate registration fee of USD 200 is payable by selected delegates. For further details please contact Mr. Vikrant Saxena, Sr. Manager, ESC  on

 INDIASOFT Brochure PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site.

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